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About Us

High Quality Low Price KN95 Manufacturer in China.

ZFCV Has Office Both in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
Now We’re Sourcing and Shipping Civil Use Masks(KN95 and 3 Layers) for Many Customers.
Qulified Supplier: Leihuo, is in Fda Eua List. It is One of Our Suppliers Who Are Qulified With Ce Fda and Other Documents Necessary to Go Through China Customs and Import Countries’.
Shipping: We Haved Shipped to Usa, European Countries, Japan, and Many Other Countries and Know How to Arrange Shipment and How to Do Documents.
We May Help You to Areange Courier, Booking Flight, Booking a Whole Plane, Sending to Hongkong.
Capacity: Our Factory’ Capacity is 0.5m Per Day. So We Can Handle Big Orders Easily.
Your People May Be Just in Danger, Lets Do Our Job to Help Them.

Add the Double Layer Non-Woven Cloth to the Meltblown Cloth.

Check the Symmetry and Burr of the Mask Body.

All Production Lines Are Working.

Employees Check the Mask Body.

After the Double-layer Non-woven Cloth and Melt Blown Cloth Are Installed as Raw Materials, the Mask Body is Produced.

Carry Out the Production Workshop, and the Staff Shall Do a Good Job of Dust Protection as Required.

Employees Check the Symmetry of the Mask Body.

In Addition to Self Inspection, the Person in Charge of the Area Also Needs Spot Check.